Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Shopping lately

I am horrible at shopping, I'll grab everything I need and then I'll think about it will decide that I need more, and its goes like this until I have no extra money to spend.

This year is a year of a furry pompom, everybody has it and you obviously need one or ten in your life. So, of course, I had to have five one.

Beauty-wise, the main beauty shop here has 40% off for the holidays on everything. And that never happens in Israel, at least not with all the brands out there.
So I got the raved about Erborian CC Cream and the BB eye, although I have acne scars on my right cheek I still prefer light base for every day, and since my Armani Luminous Silk is finished and I only got Make Up Forever HD foundation left I decided that a simple CC cream will answer all my everyday needs (and it's awesome!)
The Chanel lipsticks and the lip liner are my mom's gift for New Year and her birthday. 
Lancome eyeliner was an in-a-moment purchase because I miss liquid liner in my life and it seemed right.
YSL Creme lipstick is a basic nude for every day and my first YSL lipstick ever (the excitement ha ha).
Clarins Lotus Oil and lip oil are a must for winter months. The facial oil is great but the smell is somehow bothers me, need to find a good facial oil with so smell (any ideas?).


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