Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I think it's been years since I wanted to get a Hourglass product,but since I don't really like to buy things online,and finding an online shop that sends to Israel is a pain,so I continue to *just* want to try the products.
All the hype that this brands gets from almost all beauty youtubers there is nothing surprising that beauty lovers would *almost* die to have one.
I would *die* to get my hand on more than one product,starting with the Veil Mineral Primer and all the way through to the Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder,of course I would get a Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light and Ambient Lighting Blush in Soft Plum and pretty much all the other shades they have cause they are too pretty,and the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick.
But that's just me,and my friend is not going to Miami for the holidays,so I'll continue thinking of ways to get one of mentioned above,maybe I'll even do order them online.

*pictures of the products are taken from sephora website


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