Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Skincare lately

As winter is here,I think everybody is changing their skincare routine.
For me I took Caroline Hiron's advise and take off all make up as earlier as I can and do my evening routine straight away,then I would just reapply moisturizer if I feel I need it.
I added Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil to my routine as I did last year,and use it at night,it helps in soothing the skin after all the cold and wind.
I still use my GIGI products that I wrote about here and I am very satisfied with the results.
As there is almost no sun,I've added deeper peeling to my routine by ReNew Deep lathering abstergent and ReNew Complex peel solution,it's an Israeli professional brand and I cannot find info in english.
I also use PHD Glycocyl Active Peeling Gel (website) as a night mask once a week and PHD Acure Therapeutic Gel (info) as spot treatment (it's great!).
I'm into sheet masks and eyepatches and I cann't get enough of them, mostly use local stuff nothing fancy.


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