Saturday, November 19, 2016

School files #2

It's a middle of November already,the first exam is coming (in almost two weeks time) and all the others will follow shortly.And my leaving early doesn't help cause I have to finish almost all the subjects by myself.What won't you do for a longer vacation?
This year we repeat a lot of information (if not most of my group would be failing miserably) so I don't need to focus on all the subjects,just some of them like ENT and internal medicine (basically general therapeutics).
With winter here waking up is a bitch,and five in the evening looks like a night time so productivity is reduced and all I want to do is snuggle into a fluffy duvet with a good book or a good movie.
Maintaining a healthy diet is better these days,for lunch, I almost always have some kind of soup and I stopped buying all the tasty food for home,to keep a diet (hoping to lose few kilos).
Coffee is my best friend and UGGs are pretty high on that list also.And my new Wellingtons Chelsea-like booties for all this rainy and nasty weather.

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