Sunday, November 13, 2016

When love fails

I have a friend,a beautiful and kind girl,who for the last year or so she's been dating this guy.And it's been a pure torture.
I think he'd done it all,from cheating on her to disrespecting her in every way possible.And she can not get out of this mess of relationship because of ~love,you know.
It's been so sad to watch it,hear about it and just witness your friend suffer so much because of a man who is so unworthy.
I have not been in a relationship,so my opinion is not built on my experience but I truly believe that no woman should be treated this way.
And every time he messes up he finds a way to come back and make the sun shine again and then he just goes back to fooling around.
My question here is how many times a girl can stand it?When is the end?When will she realize that it has to stop?
And more important why she lets it happen?Because of ~love or because of pure insecurities?Or is it fear to be left alone?



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