Thursday, October 6, 2016

School files #1

The first month of school is over, which means that I am here more than a month too. And I thought I would do some kind of summary of this period.

When I started my first year in uni, we did get some books in the library but most of them were really old and did not have all the material that we were asked about, and teachers would give us a lot of their own material to copy. And I don't like to print or write on both sides of the paper, so I would print everything only on one side, and eventually get so many copies of the material hat I used for the semester and then for the exam preparation. Then in some courses, the teachers would make us buy their working notebooks and again you end up with lots of papers that I won't need. And the recycling in Ukraine is not developed at all.So this year I try to give my material to people in 3 or 2nd course, or to newly opened recycling 'shops' (where you kind of sell them your paper). And since last year I started to snap all the material needed for classes and then summarize them at home. So now I have a few notebooks and my Pilot 0.4 in blue and an erasable Pilot pen.

Boring lectures = time to read a chick-lit book, nowadays I'm reading American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

Unnecessary classes = time to continue reading that chick-lit book.

All classes in my university are mandatory if you miss one,you literally have to 'rework' the class, and it just too complicated. So I prefer to sit through and read. And phone charger is my best friend at this point.

Walking from class to class/home = time to listen to an audiobook, for now, it's The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. The most important thing is the book has to be in small parts of 20-25 minutes.

You have to plan your meals and prepare them in advance - I don't always do it, due to business or laziness. But I try my best.

Coffee, CC creams/BB creams, and long lasting lipsticks are my best friends.


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