Friday, October 14, 2016

October fashion files

Yesterday,October 13 we had first snow of the season. It snowed for few hours and then everything became a big flowy mess of dirt&water. So now I am trying to understand how to dress in the near future because I am completely out of ideas and everything that the blog sphere has is already kind of inappropriate.

My perfect weather in Ukraine is April-May-June, then I go back home to an infinite summer of +40 degrees.The fall here is cold although it varies from year to year, but mostly during September I start to wear coats due to cold weather.
So all the possible variations of fall weather I already tried in my years here, and now I am out of inspiration of what to wear and how to dress to uni.I like to be comfortable and warm at all costs. And then I like to look good as well (who doesn't??)


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