Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall edition:series

Flesh and Bone (2015-) - 'Transcendence awaits!' 

'That’s what I want to be, loved enough to become real'

there is 8 episodes and a promising second season. I was very impressed by this series, by its darkness and so many sides of a person's life. Every character here has a strong backstory and a very twisted reality and the way they choose to face it, but above all that there is the ballet that is just beautiful.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-) - As every year I am on a hunt for a great comedy series, that will be funny and relaxing, something like The office US and Parks&Recs (although nothing will beat Leslie Knopp). So this month I gave a go to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I liked it a lot. It's funny and silly, exactly what I look for in a comedy series.

Agent Carter (2015-2016) - I was interested in this series since it was announced that ABC is going to film it, as Peggy Carter was great in the Captain America movie. The series is really different from what I expected it to be, and I am not very surprised it was canceled. I did like it, but it had some storylines that were not fully explained, and Peggy looked somehow 'weak' in the series. I will watch the 2nd season later this year.

The British - about the GB history, actually really liked this series. My knowledge of English history is mostly about Anne Boleyn and Queen Victoria, and this series showed me (at least) that there is so much more to Britain than those two eras. Besides the series also spoke about a true English character and all the influences the British nation had, all the discoveries that changed the world etc. 

Black Sails (2014– ) - I am currently finishing the 1st season and I'm loving it.

Mozart in the Jungle,Camelot,Flesh and Bone were also some I managed to watch,but then I just could not get more time to watch something else,and that list is so long.

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