Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Saint Petersburg short review

As I am finally back from my trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia and happy to report back (basicly to no one, but myself). So, I'll do few posts about my trip, because I saw so much there, I don't think I am able to gather it all in one blog post.

I'll start with saying that I am very interested in Imperial Russia, the  imperial family and their countless relatives. Because back in the day Europe was ruled by one big family, their monarchs were married with their cousins etc. so I was very escited to visit places I read so much about. 

So in our very first day we took a boat trip to see the opening bridges, we also were able to watch Russian cruiser Aurora being dragged back to its place after to years of renovations. (Aurora was used to signal the start of October revolution. So its kinda a big deal.)
In the next four days we visited The Hermitage museum and The Winter palace, Kazan Cathedral, Peter and Paul fortress, we walked through the Nevskii prospect up to the Palace square.
Then we took a train to Peterhof, to see the amazing Grand Palace over there and the Pond park near it.

We also visited the nearby city of Pushkin, specificly the Catherine palace, over there.
Then again we went back to the city and visited the Russian museum, the St Isaac Cathedral, Smolniy convent, Church of Savior on Blood and many more.

There are so many things I want to share, but words are not forming the right way. Should I post pictures too? 
I've created an instagram account for this blog, you all are very welcome to visit.

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