Sunday, August 21, 2016

Short summer

I can't believe that the summer is almost over and very soon I'll be going back to uni, and being alone in a different country. Its not that bad, its my 4th year already and things got better but its still hard to leave my family and friends behind for a long time. And the packing always sucks mostly because you can never take enough with you.
Since last year I started to pack mostly food that is not sold there like humus or tahini and other israeli products that I love, and new cloths that I bought over the summer. 
This year I am more than determined to shop more there, because it will be much easier for everyone. But there's no shops that like the most:(hello) Zara, Mango, Earie etc. But we'll see.
Its weird that people in Ukraine still prefer to shop at bazaars, I mean they do have mall and boutiques but the bazaars there are full of cloths and everything you can think of. But it is kind of weird for me to shop there, especially for cloths.
So I have more than one reason to go shopping now :)

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