Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beauty lately

And now my favorite topic : beauty
I was always into beauty, but last year I got very obsessed with it. I now realize it was a combination af fighting a depression and trying to make me feel better by purchasing a new lipstick. 
So now I have quiet a bit of make up products and few too many MAC lipstics, not a collection but a little bit more then an everage person needs.
I do like a beautiful beauty look, and my skills have upgraded a lot during this last year, I have to thank my brushes for it (mostly Real Techniques, Ecotools and some local brands) and my 'ability' to pull a bright lip and a smoky eyes in one look (yay me!). And the youtubers of course.

Review : Some of the products I've beeing using
Clarins One-step Facial Cleanser - a good cleanser, very soft and after use I can actuslly feel my skin being fresh and clean as much as it can be without washing it, and it doesn't feel dry too. Totally would repurchase.
I do double-cleansing, first step will be micellar water and then this Clarins cleanser, and I am very satisfied with the result. 
As for micellar water, I've never tried the Bioderma because they don't sell it in Israel and I am someone who is not really into online shopping, specially of something that I can buy its 'dupe' here. So I've used Garnier, L'Oreal and Nivea micellar water and I can say that I like all of them, now I use The Green Farmacy micellar water and loving it, its very light&cleanses great. All I need from a micellar water.
For moisturizer I use an israeli brand GIGI Vitamin E cream, I had the serum from the line as well but used it up. It is a good moisturizer, great for summer as it is absorbs quickly and very light weighted.

Since I am over 25 y.o. I started to use eye cream, also by GIGI. Don't really see any changes in the area, but it feels good after I put it on.
For cleaning my face I use a GIGI Aroma Essence Green tea soap, or Nubian Heritage African Black soap bar.
Every now and then I like to use a face mask, whether a cream one or a sheet mask.  

My mom is a cosmetologist, so she has an access to all the professional brands here in Israel like GIGI, SR, Renew, Christina etc. So lately I've mostly used those brands.

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