Saturday, July 2, 2016

Job stories

Working in retail is hard and I hate it. I feel useless and get 'angry' at people. Those days at work promoting a spray body cream, I've been trying to get women to try out the product and the response was no so many times, that I felt that I'm trying to give the poison. And its so annoying and sad. Cause the product is actually good.
I remember working in Topshop and it was also horrible, I did great with all the administration stuff but the selling went bad. I did like it thought being in fashion world like that, seeing new pieces, watching the styling of them. 
I think that I am just not meant to sell. And I'm fine with that. Because either way I prefet to buy (who doesn't?).

The good thing about my latest experience in retail is that I've engaged in conversation with so many people and its something I mostly don't do. So yay me!


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