Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Preparing for vacation

I'm traveling this Friday. And there is so much to do before.
The most important thing thought is to choose what clothes to take, and see what I'm missing in my wardrobe so I could by some items from the sales that are going on now at Zara, H&M etc. 
I'd like to think that I am a good packer, but I'm not. I always pack the night before the flight, and so far so good. 
But because this time I travel for two weeks time I really need to think about my 'capsule wardrobe' for it. Which is becomes problematic, most of my fall (all of them actually) are back in Vinnitsa, and I did not bring any of them back with me, but now looking at the weather that is expected in Saint Petersburg during our stay I think I need to do some serious shopping. And the best thing will be to do it there.
I am so excited about my trip, to see all the palaces, the Ermitage, walk along Neva and watch the bridges in the night.
I love all the history of SPB, the era of Romanovs is one of my favourite ones in history, if not the favourite one. So to be able to be at places that were discribed in memoirs of nobility that I've read (althought shame on me not remembering details or quotes from the books and of course for not reading enough).
See not reading enough is always my problem.

*I've decided to have tags. To see what I write about and where I write it.

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