Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Series lately

On Sunday I went to the Dead sea with my mum, we stayed in Daniel hotel for a 'day of fun'. That what israelis call when you arrive to the hotel in the morning and leave around four in the afternoon. It was very nice. The pool, pool with dead sea water and the food was also fine.
I remember being in my teens and hating the Dead sea, water there feels like oil, and the heat is around 40+ degrees. So you either arrive early in the morning and leave around 11, or you arrive in the evening for a couple of hours.

I am now watching Blindspot, and its not that good at all. I am pretty shocked how fast Jane joined the FBI and their elite team (WTF), and became a very important part in their invesigations. Besides it is little weird that the FBI decides to follow the tattos and doesn't take other cases. I know its TV but still too unrealistic.The storyline is kind of interesting but not too much. But still I'll probably will get back to it at some point it the future.

The series I did like a lot is Mozart in the Jungle. Its funny, short and somehow different and it has Gael Garcia Bernal in it. And music, classical music.

Next on my list is second season of Daredevil and Penny Dreadful (which I heard got canceled *confused face*).

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