Thursday, June 30, 2016


Hello there
I've just finished my makeup, cause I am working today (selling a Vaseline body cream, its in the like deodorat and very nice). 
It is so hot here these days, and we're only in June so it will get even hotter (thanks G-d I'm traveling next month to a colder city). I've seen so many post about beauty products that will last through the heat, but I am sceptic. And all this healthy looking skin with glow etc, I'm greasy after 2 minutes outside. So this does not work for me.
Besides I've noticed that in Israel my skin is very oily, colder climate balances my skin and its more combimation.  And even that my skin gets oily, its still fells dry after I wash my face with regular water. Go figure.
I have so many products that I want to try and working in a drugstore (with some high end brands) is very helpful. I am swatching so many products that I will probably end up buying some of them.


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